After the TeenZone girls group had successfully raised funds, and had finished their exchange, they were in a position to act as positive role models and share what they learned and accomplished with others.

In an effort to empower the TeenZone girls to share their knowledge of economic strategies and success, they adapted and presented the incubator activity (which they had used for their own fundraising) to share with a group of Concordia Theatre students in a one hour workshop. The young women were motivated to understand and use the talent of the theater group to help them do more fundraising (theater skills + fundraising).

During the workshop 6 members of the TeenZone girls group introduced themselves and presented the adapted incubator kit to 7 Concordia Theatre students. The TeenZone girls guided the older Concordia students through the brainstorming process. Together the group generated new and interesting ways to fundraise within their community (like create a history book from current residences, compile stories and media to sell to raise funds for TeenZone).

The process of adapting the incubator activity and engaging community partners gave them an opportunity to further develop their skills for self-sufficiency. With the knowledge and experience they gained they are more prepared to engage other groups or individuals within their community. They also have a road map on how to create connections and meaningful collaborations that focus on attainable, creative and socially responsible goals.


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